Monday, July 03, 2006

Childrens' Party Terrorises the Nation

The Children's Party at the Palace is not something that I would normally comment on, except that the show broadcast by the BBC received 78 complaints from viewers and the BBC were forced to make a groveling apology.

The complaints arose from a fake news story which started the show and lead many viewers to believe that there had been a terrorist incident at the Palace.

"We had a daughter caught up in the London bombings and a granddaughter at the palace, and I was terrified when I saw this."

"It was so realistic," said a third complaint, "I thought there had been another terror attack."

My first reaction was that there must be a lot of very stupid, humourless people in Britain today. My second reaction was that there must be a lot of frightened people in Britain today, and how delighted Tony Blair must have been when he learnt of the complaints.

This was proof, if he needed any, that his policy of creating within the population an irrational fear of terrorism is working, and that we all will be grateful for more repressive legislation to protect us.


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